We prioritize supporting and working with Asian-owned partners but our lines are open to everyone. If you're interested in creating something together, email us to get the convo going.πŸ’– Just here to have a good time? Join our Discord or drop us a note in our DMs. πŸ˜™

πŸ’Œ hello@greentilesocialclub.com 🀳🏼 @greentilesocialclub

wanna work together?

we're currently drawing our 2024 plans and would love to help our community discover your space. if you're an Asian-owned venue in New York City, email us at hello@greentilesocialclub.com.

let's collab!! we love building in community with other Asian-owned brands. currently, we're looking for new food, bev, and small maker partners for upcoming 2024 events. DM us at @greentilesocialclub if that sounds like you <3

we started out (and still are) a small and scrappy operation β€”Β we'd love the opportunity to support yours. DM us at @greentilesocialclub to see how our ✨passions✨ can help each other.